Women’s Fiction/Romantic Comedy

Said No One Ever

Releasing April 3, 2023 (Now available for pre-order!)

ELLIE REED’S SELF-ESTEEM can’t take any more of her family’s constant criticism. In a final effort to branch out on her own, she leaves the city to get some fresh air on a farm in central Montana. Barn animals can’t give unsolicited advice, after all. But when Ellie arrives at the Airbnb to her spunky elderly host, Marilyn, getting carted off in an ambulance, Ellie’s attempt at a quiet getaway takes a wild turn.

Suddenly Ellie finds herself the unqualified caretaker of Marilyn’s isolated farm—and all the family drama that comes with it. If only she could convince Marilyn’s handsome and stubborn grandson, Warren Oliver, that she doesn’t have any designs on the property. Caught between two rival men competing for control of the farm, navigating Marilyn’s outrageous requests, and trying to salvage what was supposed to be her new lease on life, Ellie might have to embrace the adventure in order to change her destiny…

The Unplanned Life of Josie Hale

Available Now!

Josie Hale’s life has been going downhill for a while now. Between her cheating husband, a messy divorce, and the pathetic feeling of moving back home with her parents, she almost feels like she’s starting all over again. Then she finds out she’s pregnant, which is the icing on the cake of things in her life she hadn’t planned for.

Feeling all kinds of emotions (happy, overwhelmed, and especially hungry), Josie visits the local county fair to satisfy her cravings and greet the nostalgia of her childhood. Her two best friends from high school were the last people she expected to see, but Ben Romero and Kevin Lawrence are certainly a joyful sight for sore, crying eyes. When they realize each of their lives is a tangled mess, who better to help sort it out than each other? They make a pact to move in together and turn their lives around. And with a baby on the way, Josie will take as much help as she can get…

Young Adult Historical Fiction


Avalable Now!

Cecily Hastings fails to escape her captor when he gambles her away in a game of dice. Now, instead of getting her first taste of freedom, she’s rotting in a cell on the Hellbound, a pirate ship under the command of Captain Finnigan Worley. Cecily, however, has no plans of sticking around with a captain known for his heartless deeds. As soon as they make port, Cecily escapes and alerts the Royal Navy of the pirate’s whereabouts. She runs into the countryside, ready to finally escape her life of captivity, only to stumble upon Captain Worley in a benevolent pursuit away from his miscreant crew.

Soon she’s recaptured and taken back to the ship, vowing to figure out the captain’s humanitarian angle. With the Royal Navy closing in, she must decide if she’s willing to fight beside Captain Worley and his mission or turn him over to the gallows for a chance at her own freedom.


Avalable Now!

After a year of exploring the Caribbean on the Hellbound, Cecily has found solace in the life of piracy—until her beloved captain starts disappearing for days at a time. A rift wedges between her and Finn when he reveals he hasn’t been totally honest about his ties in the pirating world. He’s a hunted man, and involving her in his schemes could lead to her demise. To make matters worse, as the Hellbound prepares to set sail for England, Cecily finds herself head to head with a band of crewmates seeking Finn’s reputable wealth.

With no proof of any hidden treasure, Cecily concocts a plan to ditch the mutineers and protect Finn in the only way she knows how. Cecily might be able to weather a mutiny, the race against the oncoming hurricanes, and losing her place on the Hellbound, but her relationship with Finn could sink in the process.

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